Poetry Prompt #15 by Rita Marie Recine

poetry prompt: poison
Never has there been a story with so much woe as Juliette and Romeo

Two  families both similar in their dignity The Montagues and the Capulets
from  a feud  which began before they may  have been born
generation to generation it may be
when Romeo and Juliette were born , this grudge had already partaked
the Montague’s and Capulet’s wanted friction among their young children
this was not so..
romeo and Juliette two lovers who met at plain sight
romeo of the Montague arrived at Capulet ball ..monumental and tall
In order to have him Young Juliette would do all.

Romeo, having a short lived relationship with Juliette’s cousin Rosalie
which she had no interest, realized she was not right
the foes. Together they did not mend, led the lovers to end their life
Juliette was Romeo’s wife

the grudge led romeo  taking his own life
misinformed about his wife..sleeping temporarily
the lovers were treated harsh and unfairly
Upon Juliette’s awakening she sees her beloved on the floor with poison dead
her broken heart was unable  to mend
her true love was gone
Taking  the empty vial in her hands, drank a drop
did not stop
no reaction to this action
Juliette kissed his warm lips.

pain was too deep, together forever with romeo she wanted to sleep
many great things end in tragedy
unable to live without the other

and put it to her chest .. where she too died.
Together forever Romeo and Juliet
many believe that love conquers all
daytime their light … heavens they would say
darkness  was their night
love and light
Young Romeo and Juliette
Romeo had Juliette
Death became their reality
together in eternity
the vendetta  had ended.not without a price
Their once cherished children, together they peris


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