About PoetryPasta

PoetryPasta is the poems, posts and inspiration of Frank Esposito and Valeri Beers and YOU 🙂 Frank lives in Montreal, Valeri lives in Maine.  He sells coffee and she drinks too much coffee. What a pairing!  🙂  Frank and Valeri also love to show off new poets and their words.  Send in your words from wherever you live 🙂

Poetry Pasta is an encouraging, positive, safe place to submit your  poems. Unless your poem is hateful, hurtful or needing some work, we will probably publish it.

Valeri and Frank will be asking for submissions of new poems. Nothing is being sold on this site. Everything is free for your enjoyment. Thank you.

We want YOU to submit your poems. Just send them via email to either

theval2000@hotmail.com (Valeri) or fespoon@gmail.com (Franco)

Don’t think about, just do it! 🙂

While you’re at it, why not follow PoetryPasta by email?  You can get new poems and posts in your Inbox whenever they are published here.  Just click on Follow This Blog By Email (on the right side of your screen) and put in your email address 🙂  Easy huh? 🙂

Keep writing!

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