About Valeri Beers

Valeri Beers is from Bangor, Maine. She had her first book of poems titled …details… published by Thomas Hill Publishing and is focusing on putting together a 2nd book of poems. She has been writing all her life and is inspired to write by listening to music and needing to remember things. Valeri has been published in a number of print and online literary magazines including anthologies by Literature Today, Our Day of Passing (an anthology by Ingrid Hall and Franco Esposito) and Clockwise Cat. She has links to her poems on her own poetry site: wordsoftheval2000.wordpress.com. You can also connect with her on Facebook (Valeri Beers) and Twitter (@theval2000)

She has been a guest poet on the Power of Poetics blogtalk show, talking all things poetry and reading her own poems.Valeri also helps take poetic care of PoetryPasta (www.poetrypasta.wordpress.com), an online poetry page that shows off new poets and their words. She also helps take poetic care of the Poetry Pasta Facebook page (www.facebook.com/poetrypasta) and the Poetry Pasta Twitter account (@PoetryPasta1)


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