YOUR poetic contribution/submission

We here at PoetryPasta want YOU to submit your poems to us.  Please…… 😉 Unless you send us something hateful, disrespectful or just plain not good, we will probably publish it 🙂  every poet likes to see their words published 🙂  ( I know I do! – Valeri) Also, if you have a picture of yourself and/or a short bio, send that along too 🙂

Just to let you know, if you submit a poem here and it gets posted/published, some poetry sites consider your poem “previously published” which might make it ineligible for submission elsewhere.  We here at PoetryPasta don’t care about such ambivalent nonsense…send whatever you feel good about having written, we don’t mind if some other place has published it or not.  When in doubt…..ask those other places before you submit and read ALL submission guidelines carefully! Also, PoetryPasta has a Twitter account, @PoetryPasta1, which is connected to PoetryPasta, so if you submit here, it will be visible on Twitter

Send your poems to: (Valeri). C’mon!  Nike!  (just do it!)

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