:) Thank you Marianne Szlyk for liking my words :)

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Happy Birthday Frank Esposito :)


Happy birthday to Frank Esposito, my partner in poetry and a wonderful guy :)

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Typewriters in the 21st century


how do YOU write?

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Clockwise from top left: Brian Min’s Qwerkywriter, Jack Zylkin’s USB Typewriter, and Adam Leeb and Patrick Paul’s Hemingwrite.



I remember that one of the Christmas presents I was excited to receive was an IBM Selectric typewriter when I was a budding young writer. Before the IBM Selectric I wrote on an ancient, heavy, Underwood typewriter.


These days I write by hand or on on my Netbook.  I have a small notebook that I carry in my purse, so I can write whenever inspiration makes its demands.  How do YOU write?

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20 Ways To Stay Creative


do these things! especially carrying a notebook and writing things that inspire you down and listening to new music (Valeri)

Originally posted on Valeri's poems & random thoughts :


Especially #2, #8, #9, #22 and #26!

Here’s some some new music for you :)  (love it)

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Peaceful Innocence – by Alex Chornyj

Daddy, do I have to go to bed?

Do you want Santa to come?

More than anything else

Then scamper under those covers.

Is he as jolly as they say?

I think you can tell

By the jingle of the bells

By a lightness that surrounds his spirit.

Please read me the little angel story

The one with the gentleness of a fawn

It makes me warm and fuzzy

So tingly by its tenderness.

Can we leave milk and cookies

And some raw , fresh carrots?

This will show our gratitude

For the reindeer pulling a sleigh so far.

The earth is so big and round

However do they do this all in one night ?

From the twinkle of his nose

To a child’s peaceful innocence.

From the softness of snowflakes

Comes a blanket of serenity

I dream of sugar plum thoughts

Of hugs and kisses I wrote on a card.

I wish I was on this journey

Soon I’ll be on one of my own

As I drift off to sleep

I see myself upon a cloud.

One lit up like a Christmas Tree

I know it’s not the gifts

But the love that we share

Which makes this a special moment.

I am a little girl

I believe in what I believe

Because of two sparkly stars

Who cradle me in the chambers of their hearts.

I love by their affections

As this seed was first planted

When I came upon a doorstep

Which has been my happy home throughout all the seasons since.


Thank you Alex for your wonderful Christmas poem :)

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How to Get Published in Literary Magazines and Journals


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4 Incredibly Useful Writing Apps

1. Draft

2. Storehouse


4. Evernote

http://writerscircle.com/2014/12/top-5-free–incredibly-useful-writing-apps.html – Click this link to read more about the writing apps above

I have not tried any of these, I’ll let you know how they are  (Valeri Beers)

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Kwanzaa inspiration

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Hanukah inspiration

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Christmas inspiration

Make fun of me and Mariah all you want……  I like this song!

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