The Hemingwrite – a MODERN typewriter!


I want one of these :) (Valeri Beers)

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This hasn’t been released yet, I want one :)  When I type on my computer I *do* get distracted.

A modern day twist on the typewriter helps people craft prose without the risk of being distracted by social media and other apps like Facebook, Twitter, checking your email or playing games.


About the Hemingwrite:

“The Hemingwrite is-a single purpose, distraction-free writing composition device. It combines the simplicity of a 90s era word processor with the modern tech we all require like cloud backups and integration into our favorite document editors like Google docs and Evernote.”


  • 6+ week projected battery life – Pull a Thoreau and take the Hemingwrite to your off-the-grid cabin in the woods
  • 1 million+ page memory – Never worry about having to delete old documents
  • Best typing experience with the highest quality mechanical keyboard switches – remember those old keyboards with great tactile feedback? This…

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Mz Hyde – Halestorm


some scary music to inspire you :) (Valeri Beers)

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I thought this was apropos for Halloween/something scary/something unexpected

I am inspired to write by listening to music, so here is some inspiration :)

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Last Night As I Was Sleeping – by Antonio Machado

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Opening the Heart Through Ecstatic Poetry: Coleman Barks at TEDxUGA

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Haunted Houses – by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (1807 – 1882)

All houses wherein men have lived and died
Are haunted houses. Through the open doors
The harmless phantoms on their errands glide,
With feet that make no sound upon the floors.

We meet them at the door-way, on the stair,
Along the passages they come and go,
Impalpable impressions on the air,
A sense of something moving to and fro.

There are more guests at table than the hosts
Invited; the illuminated hall
Is thronged with quiet, inoffensive ghosts,
As silent as the pictures on the wall.

The stranger at my fireside cannot see
The forms I see, nor hear the sounds I hear;
He but perceives what is; while unto me
All that has been is visible and clear.

We have no title-deeds to house or lands;
Owners and occupants of earlier dates
From graves forgotten stretch their dusty hands,
And hold in mortmain still their old estates.

The spirit-world around this world of sense
Floats like an atmosphere, and everywhere
Wafts through these earthly mists and vapours dense
A vital breath of more ethereal air.

Our little lives are kept in equipoise
By opposite attractions and desires;
The struggle of the instinct that enjoys,
And the more noble instinct that aspires.

These perturbations, this perpetual jar
Of earthly wants and aspirations high,
Come from the influence of an unseen star
An undiscovered planet in our sky.

And as the moon from some dark gate of cloud
Throws o’er the sea a floating bridge of light,
Across whose trembling planks our fancies crowd
Into the realm of mystery and night,—

So from the world of spirits there descends
A bridge of light, connecting it with this,
O’er whose unsteady floor, that sways and bends,
Wander our thoughts above the dark abyss.

I am related to him somehow (Valeri Beers)

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What a blank page says to a writer


from :


A blank page is certainly intimidating, but it’s also your chance to write anything you want!

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Modern interpretations of Renaissance poetry


I know *I* need the modern interpretations. What were they writing about?

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this was VERY interesting, I know *I* have read Renaissance poetry and gone away scratching my head, asking myself, what did that poet mean?  


You remember how, in English class, you were told to dissect Renaissance poems (e.g. Shakespeare’s sonnets, Donne’s poems, etc.) word by word, letter by letter, and then close-analyze them and turn them inside out, in order to figure out their meaning(s)?

Yeah, well, that was then and this is now. It’s time for some real-life, relevant interpretations:

1. “Sonnet XVIII” by Willy Shakespeare

Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day?
Thou art more lovely and more temperate:
Rough winds do shake the darling buds of May,
And summer’s lease hath all too short a date:
Sometime too hot the eye of heaven shines,
And often is his gold complexion dimm’d;
And every fair from fair sometime declines,
By chance or nature’s changing course…

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a FAB review of Freedom!

by Luna Ballantyne, Ingrid Hall (Goodreads Author)


Olivia M.‘s review

Oct 17, 14
Read in October, 2014

Luna Ballantyne’s Freedom, Book I of the Sensual Liaisons series, is a rollicking 4.5- or 4.75-star erotic romance that alternates between sultry and serious with the same aplomb that its plot travels from the uninhibited yet familiar world of 2014 to the unfamiliar yet equally sensual world of 1630s England.

As the novel opens, the newly divorced Zara is ready to celebrate her first night of freedom after five stultifying years of marriage. The once-shy blonde who married with stars in her eyes at the age of eighteen is happy to be rid of the dull and unfulfilling Pete, but she is still woefully inexperienced sexually. Therefore the long-haired siren, immaculately gowned and coiffed, heads out to Newcastle’s hottest nightclub with a gaggle of mischievous girlfriends…who have prepared for her a special kit of intimate sex toys that she is expected to use with some lucky man before the night is up. Through the drinking, dirty dancing, and good-natured double entendres, Zara works herself up to take the plunge into the almost innocently expressive carnality she deserves.

The man fate chooses for her, however, is one like no other: the Highwayman, a seventeenth-century rogue cursed, or perhaps both blessed and cursed, to become something of a time-traveling gigolo. Known in the twenty-first century as Max Fraser and in his own as Giraldo De Lograno, or the Bastard of Bilbao, the Highwayman is tall, dark, handsome, suavely enigmatic…and not only intimately skilled but also physically very well endowed. This mysterious yet lonely stranger is bound by the curse of a vengeful English lass hanged for witchcraft to roam the centuries, luring and satisfying woman after woman until he– Well, thereupon, of course, hinges the story that will more than merely one book to tell.

Freedom is by turns scorchingly hot and tenderly romantic, with passionate characters struggling to escape a centuries-old curse whose full import is still tantalizingly obscured. From the driving music of the raucous nightclub to the clang of sword upon sword or the cries of plague victims in old England, Ballantyne carries Zara and her man of mystery through a wonderfully naughty tale which whets the reader’s appetite for another book, and another…

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send a Tweet to a new author :)

The Freedom Twitter Party will be starting at 4 pm (London time) 1hr 35 mins to go…@authoringrid ‪#‎thehighwayman‬


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Valeri Beers – Why We Write


hey! it’s Valeri Beers!

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Now, how is this for a fantastic sun hat being worn at a jaunty angle? Wise words on ‘Why We Write’ from Valeri Beers – enjoy!

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