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Poet Marianne Szlyk sends up this good news about her current publishing activities:
“Valeri Beers reprinted my poem “Augusta, Maine” at Poetry Pasta;
Karen and Gayle O’Brien chose my poem “Memories of Summer Rambles” for Whispers;
And, Sandy Benitez of Poppy Road Review chose to interview me.”
We’re fortunate to have Marianne among our associate editors.

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Misplaced – by Joan McNerney


Searching for sweet red peppers on sale.

Recalling how my income has fallen.


Touching edges of anxiety

maybe my mind is misplaced or

some new disease invades me.


My caged heart rebels against looming panic.

All those wars…this planet growing

more pustulant as clocks choke forward.


What have I forgotten at the grocery store?

I want to be sure, swift not grasping,

Slivers of black ice can knock me down.


Misplaced, silenced, lost with yesterday’s lists,

mixed among crumpled coupons, long lines.


Joan McNerney’s poetry has been included in numerous literary magazines such as Camel Saloon, Seven Circle Press, Dinner with the Muse, Blueline, Spectrum, three Bright Hill Anthologies and several Kind of A Hurricane Publications.  She has been nominated three times for Best of the Net.  Four of her books have been published by fine small literary presses.

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Adam Sandler’s Thanksgiving song :)

I heard this on the radio this morning.  This video is FULL of  photos for inspiration.  Do you have a Thanksgiving  or turkey poem?  Send it to PoetryPasta!

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Fall poetry contest! Call for submissions!


The second contest honors musician and songwriter Gene Clark who was born in November 1944. Clark had a varied career, starting off in folk (New Christy Minstrels), then helping to create folk-rock with the Byrds, and then veering off into country and beyond.  Unfortunately, for various reasons, including his fear of flying in an airplane and his substance abuse, his career was not a successful one.  More than twenty years after his death, his album No Other is receiving the acclaim it deserves.  This year Beach House, Iain Matthews, and other musicians have toured, performing the songs from that album.  And this fall some of you may be writing poems inspired by them…or other songs by Clark.

you’ve probably heard this song :)

I had never heard this song, I like it :)


These are just 2 examples of Byrds songs, for LOTS more Gene Clark inspiration, go to


The poem that you submit may be unpublished or published.  Just be sure that you have the rights to it.  Let me know where it was published, and I will credit that journal or book.
I recommend *not* quoting Clark’s lyrics.  The focus of this contest is your poetry.
The deadline for this contest is December 30.  I will publish the poems as I receive them.  Please send them to thesongis@gmail.com — thank you!
And, of course, all poems published this fall are eligible for Thelma’s Prize — even if they don’t fit into our contests.
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Augusta, Maine – by Marianne Szlyk

I was made for the sun,
but here I am in Augusta.
At Christmas, the snow
is as real as ground glass,
and the Three Kings,
are just statues,
less than the live dogs
around St. Patrick’s manger.

All summer mi hijos played baseball,
and I shivered in the stands,
drinking café con leche
from a thermos.
The sun gave no more heat 
than a postcard of Florida.
My brown thighs shriveled
like bananas 
left on the counter.
I covered them in mom jeans.

All winter I sit, huddled
indoors in a white parka
bought from a catalog.
I drink Café Bustelo,
straight, no leche,
my gloved hands around
a thermos from the bank.

Neighbors hike to the ski lift
on the edge of town.
The men balance six-packs
on their shoulders.
No one else winces at the wind,
the snow, the sleet,
the black ice,
the wind and the sleet
that pound at my windows
like someone else’s bad lover.

My sons play hockey.
I keep them busy.
They are made for Augusta


Published in the anthology “Something’s Brewing”
by AJ Huffman

check out Marianne’s blog “The Song Is” here:


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There Is Absolutely Nothing Lonelier by Matthew Rohrer

There is absolutely nothing lonelier
than the little Mars rover
never shutting down, digging up
rocks, so far away from Bond street
in a light rain. I wonder
if he makes little beeps? If so
he is lonelier still. He fires a laser
into the dust. He coughs. A shiny
thing in the sand turns out to be his.

About this poem:

I was coming out of a bar in Manhattan in the rain at night. I felt lonely. Then I thought: there is nothing lonelier than that little guy up there on Mars, never shutting down. And if he’s beeping up there, how much lonelier still, that no one can hear it. Still, I like to think the engineers designed him to beep.


I love short poems :)  VB

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Inspiring pencils for writing :) (does anyone use pencils anymore?)



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November – by Helen Hunt Jackson

http://www.poemhunter.com/poem/a-calendar-of-sonnets-november/audio version of November

Text version of November:

This is the treacherous month when autumn days
With summer’s voice come bearing summer’s gifts.
Beguiled, the pale down-trodden aster lifts
Her head and blooms again. The soft, warm haze
Makes moist once more the sere and dusty ways,
And, creeping through where dead leaves lie in drifts,
The violet returns. Snow noiseless sifts
Ere night, an icy shroud, which morning’s rays
Willidly shine upon and slowly melt,
Too late to bid the violet live again.
The treachery, at last, too late, is plain;
Bare are the places where the sweet flowers dwelt.
What joy sufficient hath November felt?
What profit from the violet’s day of pain?

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FREE poetry today (including one of mine) :)


FREE poetry :) including a new poem by Valeri Beers :)

Originally posted on Valeri's poems & random thoughts :


lit today

Get a FREE e-copy of Literature Today, a poetry anthology, a good introduction to different types of poems and different poets.  My own poem “Flood” is included in this anthology.

According to the book description:

The first edition of LITERATURE TODAY presents a collection of wide range of poems and stories dealing with the theme of “Man/Woman & Nature”. Each poem and story is an epic in itself. Be a part of this rare blend of creativity and conscience. Read and enjoy the soul searching representative poems and stories of sixty seven authors.

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2014 NaNoWriMo starts today

Any novelists or short story writers lurking about?  It’s YOUR month :)


Write – some letters make a word.

Write – some words make a sentence.

Write – some sentences make a paragraph.

Write – some paragraphs make a chapter.

Write – some chapters make a book.

– Anonymous –

(from http://markanthonybooks.wordpress.com/2014/10/06/write-write-write-quote-35/)


I am going to try NaNoWriMo.  I have a flash fiction story I want to try to write for an anthology :)  (Valeri Beers)

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